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Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a fun activity that allows dogs of different ages, breeds, and backgrounds to play on a straw bale course while looking for a rat !

The rats are concealed in secure tubes hidden in the straw, and it's up to your dog's extraordinary scenting talents to find them! For individuals who have never tried this activity or wish to brush up on their fundamental abilities, we offer Introduction to Rat and Instinct and Indication practice sessions. These sessions allow dogs and their handlers to begin developing the abilities required for barn hunts.


The Intro explanation will cover fundamental competition regulations as well as an introduction to the rat and the timing of incentives to increase your dog's drive to discover the rat. You can come practice as many times as you need to improve your dog's ability to pass the rat instinct exam and prepare for a competition, or just to have fun with your dog!


When you're ready, we have a Barn Hunt Skill session where you'll learn how to navigate tunnels and climb straw bales. Proofing, numerous tubes, and trial preparedness will all be discussed, as well as smell theory and handling methods.


Barn Hunt Introduction

An empty tube, a tube with rat litter in it, and a tube with a rat safely housed in it, waiting for your dog to locate it are all distinguishable to your dog. The purpose of this session is to help you prepare for your Barn Hunt Instinct Test, as well as trialing at the Novice and Open levels, or simply to have fun with your dog. When looking for a tube containing a rat and disregarding tubes that have little value for your dog, you will improve your ability to read his actions. With your dog, you'll practice straight and single-turn tunnels as well as bale climbing. This is a lesson that you may attend as many times as you need to polish your dog's instinct and indication for enjoyment or competition at the Novice and Open levels.


Barn Hunt Skill Building

In preparation for Senior, Master, and Crazy 8s competitions, the Barn Hunt Skill Building program focuses on traversing several turn tunnels and scaling straw bales. Scent theory and handling methods will be discussed, as well as proofing on indication, numerous tubes, continuing practice, and trial preparedness. This is an ongoing program that you may attend as frequently as you like.

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Photo Gallery of some barn hunt memories with our ACDs (Australian Cattle Dogs). Some people will refer to them as blue heelers, and that may sound more familiar to you. We love barn hunt and enjoy doing this sport with our dogs.

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