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Cabrillo KC 2022 Dog Show

Gavin and Moxie were rockstars this weekend. We got lucky and did not get rained on like we were supposed to, thank goodness. I had a great time showing clumber spaniels too! The dog shows are always a very memorable cherished times with friends and dogs. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this journey of my passion. Thank you to all of you for making the memories amazing no matter what! The Tin Roof ACDs final tally for the weekend is as follows:

“GCH Royal’s Greatest Love Story…”

aka “Gavin“


BOBOH Sat & Sun

Owner Handler Herding Group 2 win on Saturday!!!

nothing in OH Group on Sunday

but we had a great time being in that ring!


“Tin Roof’s Dash-Of-Sass”

aka “Moxie”

Winners and Best Opposite Sat & Sun

she was better in the ring than the last show! She’s getting the idea of the game. 😛❤️ I am so proud of these dogs, and it makes my heart so happy to be able to show them. Winning is a bonus. The experience is what is important. ~ jen

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