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With great pride, and accomplishment, I can announce that my special boy has officially achieved his SILVER grand championship! It took great dedication and commitment to showing consistently to achieve this. AKC has created "levels" of grand championships to achieve. It gives us a way to set a personal goal and a reason to keep spending money (haha).

It requires that the dog accumulates 100 points for Bronze, 200 for Silver, 400 for Gold, 800 for Platinum and more levels of platinum...

I have learned and experienced so much with Gavin at the end of my lead. He is a very Special dog that I am so grateful for what he does for me. A fun journey with ups and downs to call experience. He truly is a dream come true and my pride and joy. He is the silliest, and most playful guy with his girls. He would probably rather not go around in circles at dog shows, but he does it for the treats!!! (And because I ask him to.) Thank you to Mandy & Bob Peniston of Royal ACDs for breeding this dog and for giving me the opportunity to do all we have done together. You guys are amazing people and I truly appreciate your support and friendship.

To all my friends and family, thank you for supporting me and all of my crazy dreams and hobbies. I love you all with all my heart.

Most of all, thank you Gavin for making me laugh, bringing me joy, and teaching me along the way. It is a wonderful journey together that we have reached various accomplishments together. Thanks "Gavie". You are forever my sexy boy, and dream come true.

For those Gavin fans and supporters please continue to follow us as we continue to grow, and achieve more goals/titles. We will be attending trials and probably more dog shows. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support and encouragement! Gavin is now known as:

IntCH GCHS Royal's Greatest Love Story FDC SWN SCE SBA CGC

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