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Gavin NW1 San Jose, CA

On Monday, Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 17, 2022 in San Jose, California, was the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) NW1 Trial. But let me back up a few days to give you the run down of the crazy last couple weeks have been. Going back to the beginning of January, we were in Indio, CA from Wednesday, Jan 5 through Sunday, Jan 9. Back at home a few days to BAER test for a few clients, attend some dr appts, and on Friday, January 14, we had scent work classes in the am, and I went straight to Jamul, CA with Mya for a barn hunt trial. On Saturday, Mya and I loaded up again and headed to San Gabriel- Tujunga, CA for an AKC Nosework trial. We got 2 Q’s out of 4 elements, and went back home. Sunday, you guessed it, loaded up again, but this time with Gavin and Moxie. This time, we are headed to San Jose, CA for a scentwork trial. I was super excited because Andy was able to come with me! We arrived, checked in, and next morning we were at the trial 8:30am. One element as a time, Gavin nailed it! I’m so proud of him. I played it safe because I was thinking to myself, “self, you better hope you qualify in ALL elements or else we drove all this way”. Regardless, it was a fun roadtrip! We drove through the beautiful road through Gilroy, CA. Gavin did great on all elements, and got his NW1 Title at his first trial he’s ever attended

. It doesn’t get any better than that! Except that Andy drove the whole way, and I was well taken care of.


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