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💕 puppy love 💕

puppy breath? Grunts and suckles? Tiny paws, and perfect little noses. Oh my gosh, I can hardly stand it. It is so wonderful to be blessed with the opportunity to be a breeder, and experience all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences. To watch the progression of nature in the puppies instincts and how mama naturally kicks into puppy gears. I could not have asked for a better bitch than Willow to start my journey. I have so many activities and memories that I have started and shared with her. I’m so thankful. In case you did not see the prior posts, 2022 Willow x Gavin puppies arrived FEBRUARY 05, 2022. We welcomed seven little wonders into our lives. (2 girls and 5 boys). Unfortunately, we had to take Willow in for an emergency c section, and spent the night in the vets exam room freezing our butts off while they got willow through surgery. Thank goodness she did fine in surgery, and there were no complications. I am broken hearted to inform that two puppies did not make it. There were two little angels that weren't viable when they were in surgery. It is Heartbreaking 💔 to lose a puppy, but I am so grateful for the 7 healthy pups, and that my mama dog is doing great!

Thankfully, Willow hasn't looked back. She is as happy as ever. She gets her babies all fat and fed, diapers changed, and she will run upstairs to come wallow around on the bed and say hi to us. Yesterday, Willow even had a little recreation time and we practiced some scent work. She is so amazing. 🥰😍

The puppies are strong and getting huge so fast. I wish I could keep them smaller longer. 😔

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